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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities.

The globalization of the economy and increasing integration of world markets are making national boundaries meaningless and superfluous. Today the world trade and cooperation in the field is increasing like never before and opening new opportunities and possibilities to benefit out of the situation.

Information Technology

IT Sector- An Employment Hub.

Employment generation in the IT- ITes Sector has continued to surge as has been witnessed in the past years. The growth has beaten all records with the total number of candidates recruited in the industry set to exceed 1.6 million within this fiscal year, up from around 1.26 million in the year 2005-06.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities and career options.

With a rapidly growing economy and a dream run for the Indian stock market, the job market is also following the suit. The ever increasing growth in economy has fuelled the demand for jobs and talent in practically all the sectors of the economy.

Financial Sector

Special education and career choice.

Perhaps the most significant and direct contribution of the rise in the economy has been in the financial sector and banking arena where ever increasing opportunities have resulted in the explosion in job openings for people from various degrees and experience. As the stock markets are growing..

Opportunities in Media

Indian jobs and education industry.

We all have an uncanny desire to be famous, known to people at large and be seen on televisions and mentioned in news papers. We also want to have an exciting career which can shake the foundation of even well entrenched governments and politicians.

Special Education

Special education and career choice.

Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) is one institute which has been right in the centre of the Indian Cinema history. The institute is credited with nurturing and grooming the talent of the masters and icons of Indian cinema such as Subhash Ghai, Jaya Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah, Sanjay Leela Bhansali among others.

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Indian jobs and education industry.

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Indian Airforce


One of the major tasks of the Indian Air Force is flying combat aircraft, transport and helicopters to protect the sovereignty and independence of the country. Other tasks include technical work such as Aeronautical Engineering, Electronics, Computers, and Administrative, Financial, and Planning duties.



The science that deals with the study of earth, its history, environment, minerals etc. is called Geology. Mineralogy, structural geology, geomorphology, paleontology, geological engineering etc. are all branches of Geology. Geologists play an important role in exploring the mineral wealth and natural resources.


Information Technology.

Anthropology, a word coined by Aristotle is a science that deals with human behavior and human evolution. The subject thus gives an insight into the history of one's own kind. There are two major branches of anthropology: physical and cultural. Physical anthropology deals with origin of life, man and the universe.

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration.

The increase in disposable income of middle and upper middle classes and growing tendency to spare no expenses to make one's house a home is coming as a boon to the new and exciting career of interior designing and decoration. This is perhaps one career choice where women far outnumber their male counterparts.

Scholarships for higher education

Scholarship for higher education.

The cost of education especially higher education is rising in India. While a number of banks and financial institutions offer educational loans, one must remember that loans have to be serviced with interest and hence if one can avail oneself of various scholarships offered for pursuing higher education in different streams.

Career growth and requirements

Career growth.

The growing realization that children with special needs also require to be treated as normal and hence need to be equipped with necessary skill sets and education has led to special attention being paid to the sector in recent times. The special education sector is just opening up in India.

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy.

CA course can be pursued in two ways. If you want to pursue the course after graduation, then you need to have a minimum degree of commerce with 50% marks. If you are a Science or Arts graduate, then you should have scored a minimum of 60% or more at the graduation stage, other graduates are eligible if they have an aggregate of 65% or more at the graduation stage.