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High End Jobs in Computer Technology- Working Conditions and Educational Qualifications

Computer scientists and database administrators normally work in offices or laboratories in comfortable surroundings and great working conditions. The usual working hours are work about 40 to 50 hours a week. However as they are an integral part of a team of professionals who are supposed to deal with problems and address them in a time bound manner, late evenings or weekend work to meet deadlines or solve specific problems are not uncommon. However it is not necessary that they have to come to office to address the problems. With availability of technology and as expansion of networks, more work can be done from remote locations through modems, laptops, electronic mail, and the Internet.

Professionals hazards
As computer professionals are required to spend long hours in front of computers, they are prone to eyestrain, back discomfort, and hand and wrist problems such as cumulative trauma disorder. Having a right sitting posture and taking frequent breaks during working hours is required to avoid such irritations and ailments. Computer professionals are also susceptible to stress of meeting deadlines and finding out solutions to complex problems of clients. However with the advent of technology and increased competition to grow and perform, these irritations are not limited to computer professionals only but to all those who are working in these conditions.

Educational qualifications
For high end jobs such as computer scientists and database administrators and system analysts and network professionals, basic requirement is an engineering degree in computer sciences or information technology. An advanced post graduate degree or even a PHD is a definite plus to grow further in the profession. It is also not uncommon to find engineering professionals in other streams such as electronics and mechanical to shift to computer sciences. Engineering degree in Computer Sciences conducted by the elite Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT) is one of the most prestigious and sought after courses and attract cream of the talent from various schools and colleges in India after plus 12. The joint entrance test to gain admission to these courses is one of the toughest in the world and requires intense preparation right from 10th standards. Sometimes computer professionals also do an advanced course in management to gain an insight into management aspects of running a business apart from domain expertise. The qualification is found extremely useful for rising further in profession. For web developers and graphic designers, art or graphic design skills are desirable apart from a course in the field of web designing and developing. Information, networking and system security is another aspect which is attracting increased attention with a view to ensure safety protocols and maintain integrity and safety of data. Hence knowledge and experience of various security protocols and tools is an added advantage in this field. A major requirement to make a rise in career is to constantly update oneself with new technologies and developments which are taking place in the world. Hence increased emphasis is placed by companies on this aspect.

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