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Career Opportunities in International Trade

The globalization of the economy and increasing integration of world markets are making national boundaries meaningless and superfluous. Today the world trade and cooperation in the field is increasing like never before and opening new opportunities and possibilities to benefit out of the situation. There is also a careful consideration to factors like cost advantage, value for money and quality in matters of choice of products, which is forcing companies to focus on these issues to gain the maximum advantage. International Trade has a lucrative career of for professionals who understand the dynamics of business dealing in the International markets.

The liberalization and open door policies of the government and incentives being offered to promote exports of products and services in the form of export finance, subsidy, financial assistance has led to opening of various export promotion zones and units fully dedicated to the cause of exports. It has also fuelled the demand for professionals in the field of merchandizing, branding and export promotion, logistics, regulatory and finance, customer interaction and sales and marketing persons. The increased use of the modern Information Technology in international trade has also led to demand of professionals in the field.

Handling international business operations in a highly dynamic & competitive environment is the most challenging responsibility. It involves assessment of global clients needs, articulation of those needs to local suppliers, ensuring the logistics, maintaining good quality, shipping, keeping track of finance and satisfying queries of highly demanding clients. It also involves making presentations to global clients and ‘generating’ demand for your products and showcasing your companies. So a person who wants to rise in the field needs to have a fair understanding of all the aspects of the process of International Business Operations and tasks.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is the most premier institute offering courses in the arena of international trade. The post graduate diploma offered by the institute which is equivalent to MBA is one of the most sought after courses conducted by the institute. You can appear in the competitive examination conducted by the institute to gain admission. The course is very rich in content and there is no dearth of opportunities in the field. Apart from this, various universities and colleges also conduct specialized courses majoring in International Trade as a part of their MBA curriculum. Many private Institutions also offer diploma courses in Export and Import which can be pursued along with your graduation.

International Trade is one of the most lucrative career choices and you can start with a pay of 30000/- Rise in salary is very good and steep if you have right experience and willing to take responsibility and put in long hours. As a part of senior management, you also have the exciting opportunities to see the world as a part of your assignment and project.

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